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Beox Royal Gold 24K Luminous Straightener

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SKU: BP-0015

Royal Gold 24K Luminous Straightener

A gel-based hair straightening system consisting of an exclusive system of acids, proteins and oils that evens out any hair type, leaving strands with natural balance, great shine and incredible softness.
The composition of BEOX Luminous Straightener is exclusive and differentiated, since the base of this product is gel, which allows for better distribution and better absorption of the product in the hair. Straightens all hair types, leaving hair very straight and shiny. The formula contains an exclusive complex of acids and oils Glossy Gold, restores damaged hair. 

Instructions for use:

1 Perform a skin test before using the product. You can not carry out the procedure with existing peeling or wounds.
2 Before applying Beox Luminous Straightener, rinse hair with water. If your hair is very dirty or with traces of oils or ointments, wash the strands before shampooing with Luminous Shampoo, removing excess water with a towel.
3 Divide your hair into 4 zones. It is important to part the hair in such a way that the product is evenly distributed through the hair.
4 Apply Beox Luminous Straightener close to the roots with a short-haired brush, keeping a distance of 1 cm. Using a comb, pull to the ends.
5.If part of your hair is dry while applying, dampen it a little with water, as water acts as a conductor and helps the product to absorb for better performance. Always keep your hair straight throughout the application and break.
6. Let the product work for 50 minutes.
7. Rinse hair with warm or cold water (no shampoo), removing 30% of the product. For light hair, rinse 100% before flattening.
8. To straighten your hair, blow dry from top to bottom with your hands or with a comb and hairdryer, removing 100% of the moisture from the hair.
9. Run the iron over the section 15-20 times at a temperature of 210-230oC (depending on the type of hair)
10. After hair cooling, rinse hair with warm or cold water (WITHOUT SHAMPOO).
11. To enhance shine, hydration and lightness of hair, apply Beox Luminous Mask after treatment. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

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